2nd Year Marriage Anniversary (Appreciation post and thoughts)

Here is what I have uncovered for the past two years in Marriage

  • My wife became my anchor and during tough times especially when I feel anxious, at times when I have no one to talk to
  • I married a determined person who never fails to share her vulnerabilities to me also
  • Mood swings are rampant, but you have to get through it because all of us do
  • Pushes me to be better everyday, papabayaan ka talaga niya, but will always be there if you need her and you need someone to share your thoughts with
  • A strong willed-woman who sometimes I see as my role model especially in business. My business mentor, ika nga
  • She really loves dogs. Namana ko na rin
  • She knows when to rest, and when to hustle
  • In awe of her simplicity, kahit she is financially capable to achieve and attain more things
  • Sometimes magkakasabayan talaga ng init ng ulo but you have to humble yourself. Breath some fresh air, change of scenery. Tapos magiging okay na ang lahat
  • I feel the need to step-up, but most of the time siya ang mas malakas inside and sometimes we men are vulnerable emotionally and spiritually
  • Before bedtime is the haven that we have para tumawa, mag kwentuhan, about the day. Tapos tulog na
  • Madali ako ma-sway of non-sensical things. She keeps me at bay.
  • I need to learn how to shut up, be silent and listen more
  • Learned from her how to delegate tasks to other people. Wag akuhin ang lahat.
  • Sometimes I feel a hero if may tech problems siya and I resolve them. One of the few times na I feel important. haha
  • Kahit ano mangyari, mas alam talaga ng mother ang maging magulang.

I love you! - N.V.Z